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New research reveals that House music reigns as the “most popular genre” in UK clubs

New research conducted by A2D2 has uncovered that House music stands out as the leading club genre in the UK.

Analyzing event data from 2024 sourced from Resident Advisor, the study unveils that House music dominates with 2,203 music events across nine major UK cities: London, Nottingham, Manchester, Leeds, Brighton, Bristol, Liverpool, Cardiff, and Edinburgh.

Interestingly, techno takes the lead in Newcastle, Belfast, Glasgow, and Aberdeen, boasting 1,375 events in 2024 and securing second place overall. In Sheffield, jazz emerges as the second most favored genre.

The study further highlights Birmingham’s eclectic taste, ranking drum & bass as the top-rated club genre, followed by Afrobeats and grime. Conversely, Dundee holds disco in the highest regard.

For more insights, refer to the infographic below and explore the comprehensive results of the A2D2 study.

Notably, last year witnessed the launch of a petition aimed at preserving the legacy of The Warehouse, a historic Chicago nightclub renowned as the birthplace of house music, from impending demolition.

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