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Uncoded Company Music Marketing Agency

About Us

Uncoded Company is a music marketing agency based in France. We provide full-service 360 digital marketing packages for music artists and bands.

Uncoded Company excels in the subtle art of transforming music into an immersive and unforgettable experience. As a marketing agency, it orchestrates innovative campaigns, propelling artists to new heights of visibility. Each note becomes a strategic opportunity, every melody a captivating narrative.

Digital Agency

We have a team of enthusiasts in different core businesses that are connected, which is why we are constantly working closely together to offer you a quality service that will suit you best.


Radio Station with the aim of bringing together all the Actors of the Techno Scene, to Discover its Origins abroad with a Real Musical Culture.


Join us to experience the enchanting fusion of techno beats, captivating melodies, and the unmistakable energy of tech house.
Djs, Festival, Radio, Station, Techno, Underground

24/7 Non-stop Amazing Techno Music | Uncoded Radio

They Trusted Us

500+ Featured Artists, with 1000+ Podcasts on Apple Music ...

Coyu, Indira Paganotto, Julian Jeweil, Manda Moor, Metodi Hristov, Nto, Nakadia, Teenage Mutants, Thomas Schumacher and many more ...

Coyu - Celebrated Catalan DJ and producer Coyu has made his mark on Suara music by helping it to become one of the most prominent labels in the world of techno
Indira Paganotto - was born in 1992 and is at the moment one of Spain's most iconic and recognisable artists. Indira has had the most eclectic musical ...
Manda Moor - is a Danish-Filipino DJ and producer who grew up in France. Her productions and DJ sets are somewhere between House and Techno, influenced by the ...
Teenage Mutants - The duo represent a generation of DJ/Producers who don’t need to attend to any musical rules, just carve in their main passion and provide a fresh listening to the techno circuit audience. Heady, inspired and hypnotic sounds to techno’s always vibrant culture. Demanding people, no doubt! The Boys recently joined Adam Beyer’s „DRUMCODE“ and released one of the biggest Techno Tracks of the Year: „Dark Clouds“. Earning the #1 on Beatport and huge support from the whole scene, this track is truly the summer anthem of 2023.
Julian Jeweil - is a French DJ based in southern France and Berlin. This nonstop world-touring artist found his signature sound ...
Nto - The story behind NTO started with a match made in heaven, a kid from the South of France always hooked to his guitar, and electronic and dance music.